Egis Products from GH Binroth

EGIS: 50 Years of Swiss Precision

Egis Machine tools are known for requiring a high level of precision, load carrying capacity, and rigidity, but what is the best way to ensure they have all of these characteristics? The solution is precision linear guidance systems with needle or cylindrical roller flat cage assemblies without recirculating rolling elements. Compared to other linear systems, they require a smaller construction space, are used as locating or non-locating bearings (depending on the configuration), and are suitable for higher accelerations. Also, due to the relative movement of the cage along the two raceways, where rolling elements are positioned throughout the entire motion sequence, they are particularly suitable for limited strokes and run quietly at a high level of running accuracy.

EGIS, a medium-sized Swiss company, has specialized in making precision linear guidance systems for 50 years. Egis systems are essential in fields such as machine tool construction, printing machines, measurement technology, automation, robotics, optics, productronics, and medical technology.

In addition to standard high-precision guideways, EGIS also produces them in made-to-measure lengths, the associated flat and angled flat cage assemblies, and offers manufacturing possibilities for special parts to suit customer requirements.