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Series KP Optical Scale Linear Transducers

Optical scale series KP

The optical linear scales series KP are accurate and reliable. Thanks to their compact dimensions they can be applied even on small-sized machine tools (millers, lathes, grinders, spark erosion machines).

The possibility to adjust the scales in the mounting phase avoids any problem linked to mechanical alignement and results particularly useful in case of machines retrofitting.

The optical scales series KP available on different reading resolution values (0.1, 0.01, 0.005 mm) and their strokes range from 250 to 700 mm.

Mechanical specifications
KP10 KP100 KP200
Case extrused aluminium
Measuring element out of stainless steel with thermal compensation
Operating principle photoelectric reading by reflection
Dimensions 20 x 41 mm
Total dimensions stroke + 154 mm
Grating pitch 400 µm 40 µm 20 µm
Reading resolution after the external electronic quadrupling 0.1 mm 0.01 mm 0.005 mm
Accuracy (at 20°C) ± 0.010 mm/m ± 0.005 mm/m ± 0.003 mm/m
Max. speed 120 m/min 80 m/min 60 m/min
Max. acceleration 40 m/sec.2 30 m/sec.2 30 m/sec.2
Thermal expansion ppm/°C/m = ± 10,6 T rif.20°C ±0,1°C
Vibration resistance (10÷2000 Hz) 100 m/sec.2
Shock resistance (11 ms) = 150 m/sec.2
Operating temperature 0÷50° C relative humidity 20-80%
Stocking temperature -20÷70 °C
Protection degree standard IP53, pressured type IP64


Electrical Specifications KP10 - KP100 - KP200
Zero pulse 1 zero reference at half measuring length (other positions on request)- type 1Z
Supply standard: 12Vdc - 40 mA / on request: 5 Vdc 65 mA
Output signals 2 square waves 90° degree out of phase
Electronic outputs NPN pull-up collector/ optional 5 Vdc line driver
Connections standard cable with metal sheat 4 mt long


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