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Series PLS-V Linear Potentiometers

PLS-V Series

The potentiometers series PLS-V, PL2S-V and PL231-V provide the 0÷10Vdc analogue output signal proportional to the position reached by the stem. The active electronics makes it easy to interface the potentiometers to external devices such as PLC, controllers, visualisers etc., besides granting a high quality signal.

The PLS-V, PL2S-V and PL231-V series potentiometers are supplied with 18÷30 Vdc voltage; the measuring strokes range from 50 to 950 mm. The conductive plastic resistive element ensures the product long life, excellent independent linearity, and a virtually infinite resolution.

Thanks to the stout aluminium case which provides high protection against environmental agents, series V potentiometers can withstand applications in severe conditions, even outdoors.

Several fittings - ball joints, out-of-alignment joints, feeler pin – and different mechanical versions – PL2S-V, PL231-V – complete the series.


Available Strokes

mm 25 – 50 – 75 – 100 – 150


Available Resistive Values

5 KOhm (standard) – Optional: 1 KOhm for PR25


Technical Specifications


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