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Series PR Linear Potentiometers

PR Series

The linear motion potentiometers series PR have a 26 mm diameter round section case and 5 mm diameter shaft. Their measuring strokes range from 25 to 150 mm, and their standard resistive value is 5 KOhm.

The conductive plastic resistive element grants the transducer a long life (20,000,000 motions), high independent linearity (±0,075% tolerance) and virtually infinite resolution.

The IP65 degree of protection against environmental agents allows you to employ the PR series potentiometers in severe applications, even outdoors, at extreme temperatures.

The PR series potentiometer mounting method is extremely easy: It can be fixed by means of metal feet, or by the front screw thread. Several fittings are available: Ball joint, out-of-alignment joining, feeler pin.


Available Strokes

mm 25 – 50 – 75 – 100 – 150


Available Resistive Values

5 KOhm (standard) – Optional: 1 KOhm for PR25


Technical specifications


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