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Series PR2S Linear Potentiometers

PR2S Series

The linear motion potentiometers series PR2S have a 26 mm diameter round section case, 5 mm diameter shaft and two ball joints at the ends. Their measuring strokes range from 25 to 150 mm, and their standard resistive value is 5 KOhm.

The conductive plastic resistive element grants the transducer a long life (20,000,000 motions), high independent linearity (±0,075% tolerance) and virtually infinite resolution.

The IP65 degree protection against environmental agents allow to employ the PR2S series potentiometers in severe applications, even outdoors, at extreme temperatures.


Available Strokes

mm 25 – 50 – 75 – 100 – 150


Available Resistive Values

5 KOhm (standard) – Optional: 1 KOhm for PR2S 25


Technical specifications


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