Elcis VP54 Series Portable Electronic Handwheel / GH Binroth

Portable Handwheel from Elcis is Small in Size, Big in Features

ELCIS VP54 Series Portable Electronic Handwheel

The numerous features and options of the ELCIS VP54 series portable electronic handwheel makes it the perfect choice for nearly any CNC application. The VP54 delivers precision control with knob steps (100 PPR) and a detent at each division. The handwheel’s mushroom-head push button allows the user to immediately stop the machine tool. Two electronic switches allow selection of both CNC resolution and axis. Four optional push buttons are available on the front panel enabling extra remote CNC functions. Also upon request, the VP54 is available with a magnetic coupler for a convenient attachment to the machine tool as well as either one or two dead-man-control push buttons. The VP54’s multiple operating voltages and output electronics make it easy to handle and interface with most CNC machines.

Elcis VP54 Handwheel Highlights

  • Low-cost cable-connect portable hand wheel
  • Precision control with 100PPR knob steps
  • CNC resolution and axis selection
  • Optional front panel push buttons and magnetic coupler

Download the Elcis VP54 Handwheel Specifications Sheet