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Laumas Electronic Instruments: Everything You Need for the Perfect Weighing Solution

Laumas Elettronica Electronic Instrumentation Laumas electronic instruments are built for demanding industrial weighing applications. Our wide range of weight indicators, transmitters, batching systems, remote displays, converters, printers and passive fail-safe barriers offer customers the flexibility to design systems to specific requirements.

Weight Indicators

38 Products

Laumas weight indicators come with logic inputs and relay or optorelay outputs ranging from 2 to 8. Indicators are available in a variety of materials and come with multiple digit LED/LCD displays with panel, wall, column, and desk mountings available.

Laumas Elettronica - Weight Indicators

Laumas Elettronica Weight Indicators

Weight Transmitters

53 Products

Laumas weight transmitters come in a range of logic inputs, relay or optorelay outputs, and reading channels. Indicators are available as digital, digital-analog, and analog with a variety of mountings including back panel, wall, and junction box.

Laumas Elettronica - Weight Transmitters

Laumas Elettronica Weight Transmitters

Batching Systems with Several Scales

3 Products

Laumas batching systems are designed to control batching and solve weighing problems with up to 4 scales. Each configuration has 2-4 output relay modules with 6- or 8-output. Formulas maximums range from 20 to 50.

Laumas Elettronica - Batching Systems with Several Scales

Laumas Elettronica Batching Systems with Several Scales

Remote Displays

9 Products

Laumas remote displays are designed for panel and wall mountings with 5 to 8 digit displays. Power supply voltages include 24VDC, 230VAC and 110-240VAC. Sizes vary by unit. The W100RIP unit has an explosion-proof box, is ATEX II 2 GD approved, and includes a heat-resistant transparent tempered glass window.

Laumas Elettronica - Remote Displays

Laumas Elettronica Remote Displays


7 Products

Laumas converters are suitable for connecting a multitude of instruments with protocols such as RS232, RS485, Profibus, USB, Wifi, radio modem, and more. Omega/DIN rail or wall mounting available.

Laumas Elettronica - Converters

Laumas Elettronica Converters


2 Products

Laumas printers come with RS232 or TTL interface with 115/230VAC external power supply. Wall, desk, and panel mountings are available with simple software included for company logo and data printout.

Laumas Elettronica - Printers

Laumas Elettronica Printers

Passive Fail-safe Barriers

1 Product

Laumas passive-fail safe barriers are ATEX II (1) GD approved and ready for standard Omega/DIN rail mounting. Units measure 105 x 12.6 x 82 mm.

Laumas Elettronica - Passive Fail-safe Barriers

Laumas Elettronica Passive Fail-safe Barriers