Megatron Adjustment Knobs, Precision Resistors, and Joysticks / GH Binroth

Megatron Adjustment Knobs

Adjustment Knobs
Analog adjustment knobs are equipped with a dash scale, showing the number of full turns in a separate window. Variants with locking mechanisms prevent unintentional adjustment of the adjustment knob by vibration or contact.

Ever Elettronica Stepper Motors

Precision Resistors
Megatron's portfolio of precision resistors offers excellent long-term stability, significantly tighter resistance tolerances and more precise resistance values than standard resistors.

Megatron Joysticks

The joysticks offered by Megatron's use modern non-contact Hall sensors or high-quality potentiometers that guarantee long-lasting and reliable function across several possible applications.

Megatron has specialized in mechatronic components for more than 60 years, offering a wide range of rotary potentiometers and encoders, linear sensors, load cells, precision resistors, and industrial joysticks. Megatron's products are installed in literally thousands of industrial and medical applications. Megatron always delivers customer-specific solutions and strives to be a partner for sensors, industrial joysticks, and electronics components.