Melior Motion High Precision Gear Solutions / GH Binroth

Low-Backlash Gearboxes
Melior Motion low-backlash gearboxes can be mounted directly to your equipment and offer the highest accuracy even in the area of small torques and small movements. The PSC-V / H-E sub-assemblies primarily used in robotics applications.

Fully Enclosed Gearboxes
Melior Motion fully enclosed gearboxes are extremely compact with high drive, acceleration, and a precise emergency stop. They are capable of drive speeds up to 6,000min-1. PSC-B gearboxes are filled with a mineral-based oil and are highly adaptable with interfaces for a variety of servomotors.


Special Gearboxes
Melior Motion special gearboxes are the ideal solution for high-precision applications with high cycle numbers, fast reverse movements and a lengthy operating duration. Varied product weights and different pick and place paths are no problem for these gearboxes.

Custom Gearboxes
Whether it is a completely new product or optimizing an existing product, Melior Motion offers gearboxes tailored to your applications, specifications and requirements. These include specific precision gearboxes manufactured with planetary, spur, helical or bevel gear stages.


Melior Motion

From its headquarters in Hamelin, Germany, Melior Motion develops, produces, assembles, and tests innovative precision gearboxes for the global market. The company, originally named Stephan-Werke, was founded in 1908 as a developer of standard and custom drive technology. In 1985, Melior Motion developed and delivered the first precision gearbox for the robotics industry. Today, the company's latest patented designs provide the optimum solutions for the robotics industry.

Melior Motion has leveraged its 35 years of experience and innovation in the development and manufacture of high-precision, zero-backlash gearboxes. Products include the compact PSC gearbox series and the versatile Meliormotion® range. PSC gearboxes possess the unique characteristics of precision, long life, and outstanding energy efficiency, exceeding the performance of all other products in the drive technology market. Meliormotion® products can be used everywhere that precision, positioning accuracy, compact size and efficiency are required.

Melior Motion's focused, motivated, reliable, and highly qualified team provides innovative ideas and solutions for each customer's specific application requirements. The company continues to further develop and improve its products and services.