MKS Clima Environment Control for Electronic Cabinets / GH Binroth


MKS Clima

Industrial electronics need protection. MKS Clima provides the atmosphere needed for these work environments. For over thirty years the company has built its reputation in providing advanced solutions for air conditioning in all different fields of industrial electronics.

The modern world of electronics uses increasingly more sophisticated and powerful components and circuits that are crammed into very small spaces. Heat, dust, humidity, vapours and fumes are harmful to electronic parts and can cause serious economic damage, such as the stoppage of entire production lines.

Protecting artificial intelligence and creating optimal, safe environmental conditions is more than just a necessity, it is an important company investment.

The various MKS series of products are suitable for a range of uses: cooling units, air-air heat exchangers, air-water heat exchangers, thermoelectric units, exhaust fans, and heaters.

The MKS Clima technical staff are devoted to keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, standards, and certifications, and use of the most modern digital systems and designs in industrial automation. MKS Clima's entire manufacturing and operating process is certified ISO 9001: 2008, a testament to its adherence to high quality standards.