Improved Version of the Sercos Monitor Now Available

Improved Version of the Sercos Monitor Now Available

Sercos International has made a new version of the Sercos Monitor available as a free download from

This diagnostic tool has been updated by the Steinbeis Transfer Center to provide a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data traffic in Sercos® III networks.

Sercos Monitor Version 3.3.3 includes a variety of functional upgrades as well as user-friendly improvements, such as the introduction of drag & drop, for example. New features also include analysis options for HotPlug, additional development of the oscilloscope function, signal export during recording and advanced S/IP support. Furthermore, in the new version, the Sercos Monitor can be operated as a straightforward console application without a graphical interface. For example, program-supported operation of the Sercos Monitor via a programming interface (API) is also possible for an automated test.

Manuel Jacob, Project Manager of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Systems Technology, adds: “In addition to the new features, the plug-in based architecture of the Sercos Monitor allows for a rapid integration of additional protocols such as IO-link and/ or OPC UA, and therefore facilitates the contemporary analysis of these technologies in combination with Sercos.”

Sercos Monitor Oscilloscope

This article appeared on the Sercos International website October 9, 2017.