GH Binroth brings Megatron's SpaceMouse to the North American market

Look it’s a Joystick, No, it’s a Mouse…
It’s SpaceMouse!

The SpaceMouse Module from Megatron enables intuitive control of 3D movement from a single joystick. Opto-electronic sensors from 3dconnexion detect inputs across six degrees of freedom. By combining rotation and translation into a single joystick, the SpaceMouse can produce complex manipulations with minimal operator input and without extensive retraining. Furthermore, SpaceMouse can replace two traditional joysticks in some applications and paves the way for powerful new control panel concepts.

SpaceMouse is optimized for industrial applications. It excels at complex tasks like teaching robots, piloting drones, and moving cameras. High spring tension and a small dead zone maximize operator control while robust dust-proof housing and contactless sensors guarantee long-term reliability. Easy installation features like a screw flange and shallow install depth make it simple to save space and multiply functionality on any control panel.

GH Binroth carries the SpaceMouse and a variety of other joysticks from Megatron as well as a range of knobs and resistors. Visit the Megatron page to see the entire line of high quality components for all your industrial control needs.