8 Reasons the New ABM Sfero Lock Nuts Are Something to Write Home About

Is There a Lock Nut Hall of Fame?

The answer to this question is no. But if there were, ABM Sfero’s adjusting lock nuts and rings would definitely be inducted.

Coming from our friends in France, these lock nuts support the idea that Europeans do things a little differently—and in this case, that's a good thing. With superior clamping power and numerous sleek designs, these threaded spring nuts and rings are works of art in both form and function.

ABM Sfero supplies six designs useful in 15+ industries, combining the best and smartest qualities of lock nut technology to create the most effective solution for nearly any application.

As the US distributor for ABM Sfero, GH Binroth has the full range of lock nuts and rings in stock so all our customers can have a chance to discover how great they are. If you’re still not convinced they are superior in every way, we’ve put together:


8 Definitive Reasons Why ABM Sfero Lock Nuts Deserve To Be In The Lock Nut Hall of Fame:

  1. They are incredibly time-saving due to a simpler technical design and construction of shaft-bodies.
  2. There is absolutely no use of locking washers, which completely prevents seal damage.
  3. Unlike with locking washers, there is no key slot required which saves thread deburring operation.
  4. They have unbelievably high unlocking torque compared to other nuts.
  5. They powerfully lock bearings in axial positioning after assembly.
  6. There is no loss of axial precision through clamping and locking the adjusting nut.
  7. They can sustain multiple mounts and releases without any loss of precision.
  8. They can be used in severe conditions (High temperature, vibrations, etc)—in fact, it’s recommended!

We are certain it is only a matter of time until the lock nut Hall of Fame is underway. Until then, we’ve established a temporary home for these lock nut works of art.

See them all now