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Elcis Absolute Encoders

Elcis Absolute Shaft Encoders Elcis Absolute Shaft Encoders are perfect for applications in which data acquisition occurs over longer period of time and where information accuracy is essential. Our absolute encoders automatically recognize the shaft position at first turn-on without a digital counter or return to zero. Parallel coding of concentric tracks at each angular position also make these encoders immune to electrical "noise." Elcis Absolute Encoders are designed for both industrial and professional applications and built to withstand a variety of external agents such as moisture, dust, and oil.

Single-Turn Series

Single-Turn Absolute Shaft Encoders are built with turned metal mechanical components, providing ample resistance to dust, oil, moisture, and other external agents. Elcis Absolute Encoders are suited to both industrial and professional applications.

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Elcis Single-Turn Series

Explosion-Proof Series

Built with turned rod metal, precision bearings, and stainless steel shafts, Elcis Explosion-Proof Absolute Encoders are suitable for use in work environments with potentially explosive atmospheres (Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22) with gas and dust present. They are certified Ex II 2 G Ex d II C T6 Gb and Ex II 2 D Ex tb III C T85°C Db IP6X according to CENELEC rules.

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Elcis Explosion-Proof Series

Multi-Turn Series

Elcis Multi-Turn Absolute Shaft Encoders are designed to give absolute measurements on more than one revolution of the shaft. These transducers' electronics, optical, and mechanical parts are precision engineered to withstand heavy-duty applications.

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Elcis Multi-Turn Series

Field Bus Series

The encoders in this series connect to PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, or Ethernet standard field bus interfaces with available single- or multi-turn rotary shaft encoder options.

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Elcis Field Buses Series