Bringing You The Best Machine Technologies in The World

GH Binroth Co. started in the machine shop.

Gert Heinrich Binroth came to America in hope of starting a home in a land of freedom and opportunity. G. H. taught his children that although life offered no free lunches, an honest day's work could result in food on the table and an ability to stand on your own. Many years later, the company named in honor of G. H. and his ideals stands taller than ever.

It is with G. H.'s principles in mind that all of us here at G. H. Binroth Co. approach our duty to each one of our customers. We strive to provide the manufacturers we serve with bold, efficient and effective approaches to representing their products and interests in the U.S. machine and manufacturing industry.

In representing and selling the products of some of the most technologically advanced machine component manufacturers in the world, all with a minimum of added cost and a maximum of added value, we ensure the pursuit of excellence in our work everyday.

G. H. was a Detroit toolmaker in the finest of German tradition. What began with the model of one man has since spread worldwide, and his ethic continues to inspire us and lead us forward. We think he'd be pretty proud of the company that bears his name today.