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Elcis Linear Transducers

Elcis Linear Transducers Elcis is recognized around the world for the remarkable quality and accuracy built into each of its Linear Transducers. These durable and precise components are the result of the company's ongoing research and years of experience. And with more than 40 models to choose from, whether rack and pinion, glass, cable and more, Elcis has a linear transducer to fit almost any application.

Rack and Pinion Series

Each Elcis Rack and Pinion linear transducer is made from a steel support on which high quality, precision rack bars are installed. Elcis calibrates its rack and pinion transducers in a temperature and humidity controlled environment using an HP laser interferometer, making them ideal components for use on machine tools and other applications where precision is essential.

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Elcis Rack and Pinion Series

Glass Series

Elcis has developed two types of Glass linear transducers. Glass transducers look different than other models as they are very thin, measuring just 18 or 20 mm. Each Elcis Glass linear transducer comes equipped with a number of features to protect against vibrations and thermal expansion.

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Elcis Glass Series

Cable Transducers Series

Elcis developed its line of Cable linear transducers as an alternative for applications not suited to the Rack and Pinion or Glass Series products due to dimensions, installation requirements, or cost. With more than 30 products in this line, Elcis Cable Series linear transducers are a flexible, popular option for a wide range of uses.

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Elcis Cable Transducers Series

Potentiometric Series

Elcis Potentiometric Series linear transducers offer a wide variety of uses at a very attractive cost. Incorporating resistive elements made of conductive plastic, these remarkably durable linear transducers are suitable for applications on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, plastic moulding, packaging, textile machines, and more.

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Elcis Potentiometric Series